Mietto Brack

Student at New World Magischola
Heritage: Mixed Heritage
Primaschola: Flower Mountain Escuela Mágico (Path of the Shaman)
Year: Second Year
Path: Cryptozoologist
Path Type: Species Specialist
Seeks to develop a special connection to a particular cryptid, includes those who merely want a harmonious connection or someone seeking a breakthrough (tame an untamable creature for example).
House: House Croatan

Family History

My father, Martin Brack, raised me alone. He was always very vague on any details about my mother. He said only that he met her on a lengthy trip he took during a lecture tour through the Southeast, lecturing about Sociocultural Anthropology. My father is a well-regarded professor and speaker on the subject in the mundane world. At times I suspect he might even have some knowledge about the Magimundi, though he has never confessed to such. In turn I have never confessed to my own talents in magic – nor have I mentioned the other rather significant difference between my father and myself. I am a nagual – a chimerical humanoid who can change between human form and that of a fox.

When I changed I eventually tracked down my mother, Josephine and my kin on her side. However, I found that they spend far more time as foxes than humans. I was tempted to join them and abandon humanity, which often can be cruel and unkind, but I just couldn’t. However, the idea still pulls at me strongly.


I was shy and timid – it did not help that the first time I manifested my shape-changing ability was during my first year in primaschola at Flower Mountain. Nagualli are accepted in magical society, but changing into a fox in the middle of my first classes put a heavy damper on my social life. A lot of students teased me constantly about that incident, and the memory of it never seemed to fade. I was always different and I felt like an outcast when it came to people. I had a brief and tragic relationship with Elliot Cayne (now a wanted fugitive), which ended in betrayal and heartbreak, and served to further isolate me from my peers.

With magical creatures, it is a different story. I saw them as kindred spirits, whether they are intelligent or not, and even the more dangerous magical creatures seemed to regard me with affection. I have impressed more than one of my professors with my ability to safely bond with creatures that most students struggle with. This natural aptitude helped carry me through some of my more difficult classes and landed me a scholarship to New World Magischola – which, along with an inheritance of Leeuwendaalders from my great aunt Marquette Salazar on my mother’s side of the family, had given me access to the chance to become a Wizard. She perished on a wendigo-hunting mission with Wyn Diego, and I inherited her wand.

I am passionate about proper treatment of and rights for magical creatures, and it is one of the few subjects about which I am outspoken. I contest those who speak of exploiting magical creatures for their parts and fluids for components or spells, and I’ve even gone so far as to monitor and rescue magical creatures kept by some of my classmates from their estates as well as commercial farms. So far I’ve avoided being caught, but I know that some students are suspicious of me – once or twice a fox was seen leaving the scene of one of these illegal rescues.

My first year at New World Magischola was too much like being at Flower Mountain – I was cautious and timid and just worried about fitting in. I had a couple of friends, but quickly learned that Croatan, while known to be a house for cryptozoologists on account of its founder Virginia Dare, was filled by the rich and unsoiled, and it was very difficult to fit in.

While I was back at Solaris province doing an internship before the second semester, I met Roxanne Laroche, the daughter of a famed cryptozoologist, and… well, the second semester’s been completely different from the first. I’m learning so much from her, not only about the loup-garoux (as she is one, and I’ve even had the opportunity to meet her pack, or lodge), but how to stand up for myself better, and fight for things that need fighting for.

Light Side

I have a strong empathetic affinity for magical creatures, which has given me great insight into human nature and the world around me.

Dark Side

I am misanthropic and dislike human beings. I am trying to resist it, but I feel myself more and more wanting a life among magical creatures with no human contact, and this scares me.


Practical outdoor khaki.


Vampire rights: No strong opinion, but generally any sapient creature needs rights.
Chupacabra rights: Farming is wrong.
Magical creatures: Nothing sapient should be intentionally harmed or mistreated, and deserves rights. Nothing capable of feeling should be harmed or mistreated. Hunters, farmers, harvesters can all be shown the error of their ways. Until then, karma, nature and justice may need a helping hand.
Unsoiled vs. Mixed vs. Mundane: Silly. Unsoiled are free to play their games as long as they don’t bother the rest of us.